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I know you see these kits on Amazon.com and other photography stores. But don't buy a green screen kit until you finished this article. I get all sorts of inquiries asking about should I buy this lighting kit and muslin for a few hundred dollars? People are eager to buy something because they want the cool green screen effect they read about or have seen somewhere. I find most of the time they don't even consider how they will chroma key out the green or blue screen. What software will they use? Oh I need software they say! Yes you do. It wasn't too long I ago I was in that same position. I too wanted that cool green screen effect. Here's the background story behind it.

I'm tempted to say it's all her fault, but really she gets the credit. My oldest son met a girl, and she fit into the family just superbly. Naturally it seemed like it was a Kodak moment. OK, more like we planned a Nikon moment. I figured I would save them a few dollars instead of paying for a professional portrait, I could use my video green screen backdrop for still photography. I can remove the green using Gimp, the Graphical Image Manipulation Program from gimp.org. Oh! was I wrong. Ok I'll look for some free app and use that. Wrong again. In much frustration I found there were only a few good chroma keying green screen apps for still frame photography. To my surprise they are priced a whole lot more than paying for a professional portrait! What's going on here? There is something fundamentally wrong here. No wonder I don't see more green screen effects with still frame photography. The software is just way too pricey. Until now!

I decided to write my own application. It had to be high quality, easy to use and simple. I didn't want to add unnecessary features if they could be done with other photo editing software. You're not a jack of all trades. You want the right tool for the job. You want quality results and a big bang for the buck. You got it, Professor Green Screen was born. Since I wrote other “Professor” series software many years ago for IBM's OS/2 I decided to use that name. I also stuck with BMT Micro for payment processing since I enjoyed cashing checks from them for over 17 years and none of my customers or I had a single issue.

So now you have the most important piece of the green screen system, the brains to it all; the software. Just in case you're sleeping, the software is Professor Green Screen! The rest of the system is; a camera, lighting, a green or blue background and of course a subject! I bet you already have the camera and know who the subject is. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. It all comes down to lighting and back drops. You need to ask yourself, "What do I really need?", "Can I get by with a green painted board?", "A green bed sheet?", "Green cardboard?", "What type of lighting do I require?", "Can I use outdoor sunlight?", "Do I want studio lights?", "What will I do with my photo's?" Because each persons needs are so drastically different, only you can answer these questions. I suggest you start small and work your way up as you need. Sunlight is free, and cardboard is inexpensive, so are bed sheets. Professor Green Screen has cornered the market on low cost, high quality green screen removal. We know that you will not be disappointed. I hate to see folks pay more than they have to.
That's why Professor Green Screen owns the low cost green screen photography market.
We make our money saving you money. It's really that simple!