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This Windows PC Application for Green Screen removal will change your view on digital photography. Now there is a cost effective way to produce Holywood style photos right on your desktop with any image or camera. We provide sample foreground and background images.

DON'T TAKE ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPH UNTIL YOU DOWNLOAD Professor Green Screen. This Will Really Change The Way You Think and Take Pictures.

This is the biggest bang for the buck green screen photography software on the market. Compare to others costing well over $100. You may already know green screen photography allows you to frame your subjects in whatever background you’d like. From a peaceful meadow to the moon, your pictures can have any background at all thanks to the power of green screen software technology. Download and install Professor Green Screen today.

The technology for green screen software has been around for a long time, but it was so expensive that only the largest photography studios could use it. Professor Green Screen is easy to use, inexpensive, and allows anyone to use professional quality green screen software for their photos. Just shoot your subject against a green background and Professor Green Screen will let you switch backgrounds quickly and easily.

Compare our quality to PhotoKey and GreenScreenWizard and other software costing much more money. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on dozens of professional backdrops when one green screen can do the job of hundreds or thousands of backdrops, outdoor settings, or even events and famous landmarks.

Professor Green Screen’s professional green screen software is now available at a fraction of the price of the competition and offers the same features. Professor Green Screen’s software is the only tool you need to bring your photography to the next level.

Compare us to any green screen photo software, we beat them all in bang for the buck. You know others claim special effects and ease of use. There are all sorts of Green Screen Wizards and programs out there, but none with the quality and price we have! New Low Price

For Windows XP, 7, 8.x, and 10

Give your pictures the professional backdrop look for pennies. They'll never know your photos were shot indoors. Take a look at the prints below!

Convert pictures like these below shots against the green screen. green screen studio shots

Into these professional shots below
actual prints from Professor Green Screen
It's that easy and that simple and lowest cost, hands down!!
Rated biggest bang for the buck by our customers. Compare to other products costing well over $100.

Looking for low-cost greenscreen photography? Trying to test the waters without spending big money? Yes, then download Professor Green Screen for free and try it for 30 days. It has them all beat in price, ease of use, and quality. Simply load your foreground and background image and fine tune out the green or blue screen and save your composite picture! You too, can do green screen special effects. It's that easy. For Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Download it now Install-ProfessorGreenScreen.exe

The photos below are actual prints from Professor Green Screen. In no time you'll be having fun and making prints like these. Various images of foregrounds and background are included in the download.
After installation the sampes will be located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ProfessorGreenScreen\Sample Images
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Professor Green Screen can...
  • Provide solutions otherwise not possible
  • Give your photos that professional look
  • Save money without buying backdrops
  • Offer you unlimited background scenes
  • Give you that competitive edge

Lisa was photographed indoors against a green background, and nowhere near the water fall background. Both pictures were merged together to give you the effect that she is outdoors at the waterfall.

Notice the sceenshot below uses the included sample images from
C:\Program Files (x86)\ProfessorGreenScreen\Sample Images
screen shot of Professor Green Screen application

Professor Green Screen is a Windows application to take your pictures shot against a green screen and merge them with other background pictures. Put the studio shots of your subject on the beach, at their favorite vacation spot, or even on Mars! There are no limits to how you can mix and match and merge your photographs. Chroma keying has been around for over 50 years, you see the weather man point to the virtual map which is really a green wall behind him. Star Wars used Chroma Keying or Green Screen technology to stimulate your imagination. Professor Green Screen is very affordable and can bring you hours of fun and profit. Whether you're an amateur photographer or a professional, your pictures from your iPhone, Android cell phone camera, Nikon, Lumex, Canon, Pentax, Sony can all be used to create your best images yet!

Countless 5-Star Awards from many Editors, Users and Hosting sites!

Finally green screen background photo removal is here, and very very affordable too!

foreground and background layer images For Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1